What I Can Do

Why Choose Hayton IT Services?

Cost Effective Services

We live in difficult times, the last thing we want is for something to break down, its inconvenient at best or a disaster at worst and the icing on the cake is the cost of the repair. I’m a family man with bills to pay and if I have something that needs repairing then I appreciate it being done efficiently and without it costing the earth. Hence I charge the minimum possible because I understand all our finances are being stretched.

How do I keep my costs down?

Unlike nearly all the other pc repair companies I don’t pay for advertising, it’s pretty expensive and I would have to pass on the costs to my customers. I work alone and employ no staff so no wages to pay and I don’t rent any premises or own any shops so there are no overheads to splash out on.

No Promises, just honest services

There are many companies out there that offer a same day service, bring it in and get it fixed within hours. Sometimes I can do this depending on what the problem is but generally I like to make sure that everything is double and triple checked before I give the system back to the customer and that can take more than a day. So I won’t offer or promise a same day service because I want to provide the best service possible.

Stuff I Do

Well of course there are the usual things such as virus removals, data recovery, laptop screen repairs. However I also repair iPhone and iPad screens as well but it’s not all about repairs, I train corporate users in the world of IT and I also offer one-to-one training for home users too.

And then there’s refurbished computers and laptops, I can supply systems that are sometimes half the price of a brand new machine, it’s a great way of saving money and doing your bit for the planet but I make sure the systems I sell are first class and can be almost brand new.

Refurbished Laptops

Anything Else

Well I must be doing something right as some of the other PC repair companies have started to copy my services which is great news for you the customer, before I started I could see that the prices did not match the services offered.

I often offer free advice for people, whether it’s advice on buying a new system or how to insert an image in MS Word, it doesn’t matter to me, I’m here to help.