Training & Support

I’m often asked to provide training to clients who want to use their computer or laptop more efficiently or just to use a piece of software that they have installed.

This isn’t a problem and it can be for virtually anything at all. Don’t be embarrassed or too shy to ask, we all have to start from somewhere even if it’s just to switch the computer on and wonder what to do next.

What Training?

As said before it can be for anything but the usual requests are for setting up and using emails, wireless connectivity, various MS Office software and just general all round usage. If you are a first time user then I can help through the learning curve as well. We all have to be start from somewhere.

Corporate Training

It conjunction with The Learning Planet I can offer Interactive whiteboard training with Promethean and Smart products. For further information on installation and support click on Audio Visual Section

Whatever support you need just give me a call.