Looking After Your Needs


With the soaring cost of oil, businesses are now looking at alternative ways to communicate with each other to cut down on costs.  There are ways that are very easy and incredibly cost effective with a ROI in months for some companies.
The technology is in Interactive Whiteboards that have the ability to data share in real time anywhere in the world.


Smart Meeting Premium Pro

Interactive whiteboards have been around for over ten years and primarily were used in schools and universities.  Recently Smart Technologies have adapted the board to corporate use putting business needs first.  Meetings can be held locally in the building or now transmitted live around the world and users at the other end can annotate and view your screen just on their laptop, pc or Ipad,  you can also view their screen if the need arises.

Extensively used by the emergency services for their immediate tactile and visual response businesses can benefit immensely too.  No longer is there a need to book hotels or drive hundreds of miles to share data, what’s on the screen can be emailed immediately or saved and distributed at a later date.  It’s simplicity at its best.


Call Now for a Demonstration

We have an office set up to demonstrate the capabilities of using the Smartboard, we can show you how easy it is to use, its child’s play and holding meetings or just collaborating with a member of staff in a remote office is a time saving and a very easy function to perform.


Its Not all About Smartboards

Digital Signage and Video Conferencing solutions are also a speciality. We install Digital Signage systems because they are incredibly easy to use but also powerful and creative allowing your company to showcase it’s benefits and gain an advantage over your competitors.
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